Wednesday, December 22, 2010

tik tok of my life being at home..


"sep sep sep tom tom tom
nobita pakai kaca mata
sizuka jatuh cinta"

currently, my bro is watching HAGEMARU at 611 channel while i am having a sweet time godek godek sane sini with my lappy! abis bosan kott smpai kne layan kartun!bhahaha!n d point hagemaru nyanyi lagu d atas and d problemo is ...why?? why i can't stop singing dat cacat song in my head??!so i decided to put the lyric in here!haha.actually takde point punn.

oke2, sebenarnya i wanna tell u guys dat i hv only plus minus 8 days left to have a idk what type of moments at home! mak!!!!takmo balek kedah!!!uwaaaa~
ceh!BAJET je letak pic nih,hape kau hengat bibir kau sesexy tuh?HAHA.emo plakkk..

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