Wednesday, January 26, 2011

motif-less =.=" life is! -sometimes-
'hidup memang macam nie..'
hihi i loike this statement.. sometimes we have nothing to satisfy people. it depends. depends on us. ourselves! on how we manage it. once i was wondering that being a 'relax-la-weyh' people is not too good. yes! im sure with this. you are the one who's always hurt all the time. is it fair, guys? not- fair- enough. NO, IT'S NOT-FAIR- AT ALL !

friends. as for me, friends should bring a lots of, ermm i mean A LOADS of happiness to us in a second place after family. this is really important in a process of developing our sense of maturity. plus, friends should be supporting us in everything we do. not to 'tak payah la weyh..' or look down of whatever we plan to do. this is not good babeyhh ! u think, u gain :D 

does it sounds too serious ? okay now please laugh with me ! :)

- getting bored each day ! i wanna be home ! -

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