Sunday, August 12, 2012

friendship ;) #part IV

assalamualaikum wbt ;)

heyy ya friends!it's me blogging from my HOME SWEET HOME!
guess what??
yeahh im back for this becoming Eid but please believe me, im not gonna feel free as u thought!
im attending my School Based Experience (SBE) from tomorrow onwards till Thursday.
this gonna me my awesome SBE as we are in the 4th and last semester experiencing this.
*should be awesome, can't promise anything.
oh btw, thanks Allah, me got a special day treat on Friday! it's a holiday!not a treat much actually =__="

oh friends, it's not that it's not that. totally not the aim of my blogging today. aim? aims? aimst? ahhh forget about that.

am gonna show u guys my girlfriends in Jitra.

we do crazy things together, we quarrel together, we talked bad about each other together, we were punished together BUT STILL we cared for each other, we love each other and we got it what we call FRIENDSHIP. oh yess this is a true friendship. how much you don't like me or her is just the same of how much you actually care about them :')

HOW CRAZY WE ARE ? come let me tell u guys :D

1. we rode our motorcycles from Jitra-IPDA, Jitra-Permatang Bonglai, Jitra- Alor Star. not that crazy? yeahh it is NOT CRAZY AT ALL for boys not girls! think about it. plus we gained the experienced where we got sued when one of us was trying to run from the police but failed!HAHA. oh people out there, dont misunderstood! dont blame her, it was just a non-planned reaction when we are tooo scare of something.

2. we took the risk together of not going to the important event in IPDA and we were spotted!to be frank yeah, we got LAM-PT per head. (LAMP-PT : a recorded paper of any student crime you did)

3. we went out late at night JUST to see the life of maknyah maknyah out there. please dont be suprise, i told you WE ARE CRAZY ;)

4. we enjoyed singing loudly like a rockstar with an innocent faces in only a JAMBAN KARAOKE BOX. please imagine on how we can fit in with 6 asses.muahahaha! MALAYSIAN BOLEH!

5. we talked bad about people (it's not mengumpat actually, it's more like giving some thought without the attention of the 'someone'. heheehe), yet we still cant see them in a difficult situation. we will try our best to help. even INSIST to help.

i dont think i could list out everything we did. next entry about FRIENDSHIP will maybe.hehe :D

us being sheltered at unknown's car. sukahati sajaa!haha ;D


Miss sYiDa said...

friend forever...luv u..luv hexagon so much..tq coz being nice to me dear..T_T

izzatizamburi :) said...

me toooo! such a priceless friendship! love u n hexagon too! ^^,