Friday, August 17, 2012

Salam Aidilfitri 2012 ;)

assalamualaikum. motif berblogging tentang raya hari ini?
takut tak sempat nak update esok. heeee ^^

okay guys, as u all knew already. this year im gonna celebrate my Eid with my BIGGGG FAMILY. should be fine and much much much more glory celebrating Eid together! and frankly speaking, sure i cant wait for it. please dont ask me why, i just changed my perception and trying not being paranoid. bhahahaha! insyaallah ;D

u know what? we often hear to a saying
"bersederhanalah di bulan Syawal, ingatlah mereka yang kurang bernasib baik meraikan hari raya dengan serba sempurna"

and this year, this saying DO touched my heart. wanna know why? come, let me tell you.

last month, me n friends went to penang. as Asar was getting out of time, we went to the nearest mosque, i cant remember the name of the mosque though. teruk betul lah memory aku ni, perlu tambah gb. and, we met an aunty. a converted chinese woman i guess. then, just right after we performed our Asar, we decided to stay in until Maghrib and continue our unplanned-hangout. nak dipendekkan cerita, she is an Orang Kelainan Upaya which she cant talk like us. she was using her sign language to talk with us, and we DO USE OUR SIGN LANGUAGE too!bhahaha, suka hati buat bahasa sendiri, nasib aunty tu faham. we greeted each other and alhamdulillah i managed to get her phone number and we are still contacting each other till now. but the quite-touched part is when she messaged and told me that she is fasting all by herself during Ramadhan. and i dont know how's she going to celebrate her Syawal. pity aunty Nurul Huda. oh yesss, it's her name, sedap kan? well, here is our pic together. menyempattt! :D

nampak gambar biskut-biskut tu? aku yang buat!achamaenonnn! :D
jemput mai umah kalau nak rasa, semua sedap belaka!ecewahh!

selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin! pandu cermat jiwa selamat ^^

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