Thursday, February 14, 2013

13 years since the day ...


today is the day.
13 years ago,14th February 2000, on Moday, at 3:00 am.
when i was in standard 3, 9 years old.
sleeping calmly in my bed, here in our home.
He, our beloved hero left us and meet Allah.
Daripada Dia kita datang dan kepada-Nya kita kembali.

Semoga Allah merahmatimu, Ayah.

i resembled him a lot init? hihihi :D
my eyebrow, my face shape, my eyes, my ermmm like everything!haahaha
ouh 1 more thing, that topung gomak face is not me.
she's my lil sister.


Diayana Amirah said...

very much alike Ozi. :)

izzati zamburi :) said...

kannnn ?
org ckp kalau anak pompuan ikot muka ayah ade tuah nie..hekhehekkk :D