Friday, September 27, 2013


cukuplah dengan lagu.
hati wanita mudah luluh.

elehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lelaki pun 2x5 jugak..

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kawan Lelaki VS Teman Lelaki

Assalamualaikum wbt..

okay, tajuk entry macam Primadona kat astro sangaaaaat kn..
tapi apa boleh buat, tajuk ni jugak la aku nak ulas hari ni.

ehem ehem. okay tolong baca baik-baik.
satu ayat je.

kadangkala, tak semua yang kita rasa baik untuk kita,baik untuk kita kerana kadangkala apa yang kita rasa tak baik untuk kita, baik untuk kita.

you get it ?
maksudnya tak semua kita nak, elok. malah, apa yang kita tak nak is much better.
simple kan?

here we go.
i have a friend. a boyfriend which used to be my special boyfriend.
okay before i procced with my words.
please open your mind.Widely.jangan hidup di takuk yang lama.

okay back to my story.
yeah, he is my Ex and we are still keep-in-touch.
bukan bersentuhan. means masih berhubung.
and at the same time, i have a current special boyfriend.
okay again, please open your mind,
this is just for sharing.

to be truth, this Ex i am talking about is a very good guy. the reason we broke up is not that serious. it was just because of something childish. Plus, the last time we broke up was not the first time. I can say it was a 3rd or 4th time. we date, we broke up, again and again.
the thing i'm trying to confess is, he is very matured guy. he knows how to comfort me. he can give advices. he look forward to our future. when i was in a very tough situation (till i'm crying), he was there. chilling me up, put up the best out of me and make me laugh.but then, here we are. we were meant to be friends.
and now, whenever i have a bad day i still thinking of him. bukan sebab tak appreciate special boyfriend, tapi sebab Ex was there when i was in trouble before.
for these kind of story, special boyfriend don't have any right to be mad at me.
(but he has the right to be jealous. yang tu comel.haha.)
because, he found me when i was happy without anymore sad moments or problems to be shared with him.
compared to Ex, which he knew every little part of my sad moments.
but luckily, special boyfriend memang memahami.

the thing i would like to highlight here, based on my past is.. sometimes, when we are dating someone memang kita akan plan happily. but kalau Kun Fayakun Allah swt cakap kita ditakdirkan hanya untuk berkawan, there you go. kita akan berkawan sampai bila-bila. we have to accept it. BUT bear in mind, walaupun kita sedang bahagia dengan someone else, we still have our past that can be possibly repeated. don't be too confident. sebab itu, mahu berkawan biar bersahaja. takut nanti badan merana.

so, tak semua kita nak, elok. malah, apa yang kita tak nak is much better.

maksudnya dekat sini, i planned to have a family with Ex but tak boleh. we broke up in the middle of our relationship. it was all Allah's plan. keep calm and follow the flow. HE knows the best for me.
meanwhile, dulu tak nak hubungan terputus. but then, it ended with the blink of eye. apa yang much better? tengok sekarang, we are friends. happy dengan life masing-masing.

so, Kawan Lelaki VS Teman Lelaki.
i dont think special boyfriend needs to be jealous with me. because you know what?
special boyfriend still got place in here. my heart. krik krik krikk..~
as long as u believe in faith, we will make it happen.