Friday, November 29, 2013


Assalamualaikum ..

There are two types of it.
Positive and negative.

Yes, i do admit it. i am one of the negative-thinkers in the world. but believe me, EVERY GIRLS DESERVE TO BE NEGATIVE-THINKERS.
you know why? ya, girls and jealousy. they are good friends! XD

for some things, being a negative-thinker is good. so that we will always behave with our action. orang kata, ambil iktibar. and yeah, people change. bear in mind,guys!

the reason why being a negative-thinker becomes not good is when we did not reflect the thing we said to ourselves. we love to talk about people. we love to criticize people without ever think that we did it before.

let say,

Situation 1

i am driving a car in hurry! i need to go to the vet clinic as soon as possible to send my cat who just had an accident. what do you think people will say to me?

Makian 1 : Gile ke ape budak ni???bawak kereta laju!harap je perempuan!ishhhh,bahaya betul.
Makian 2 : Bodohhhh!!Dah lame hidup kot dia ni...

Meanwhile me?

"Sorry you guys, sorry sangat sangat..aku terpaksa bawak kereta macam ni..Ya Allah, selamatkanlah kucing aku..." (sambil menangis)

Situation 2

i am driving a car in a traffic jammed. suddenly, there was a car driver showing his bad attitude on road. what is on my mind ?

Makian 1 : Apa masalah dia ni nak cucuk cucuk kereta aku?relaks la, orang lain pun nak cepat jugak!damnnnn!!

Meanwhile the driver?

"Ya Allah, selamatkanlah ayahku..kau panjangkanlah umur ayahku...sempatkanlah aku berjumpa dengan ayah jika hari ini sudah tiba masanya untuk menghadapmu Ya Allah.." (sambil menangis)


So guys, what's the difference??
Persoalan : Do they know your problems? do they ever care what's going on?

Conclusion : Whenever you feel angry to someone, always talk to yourself.


Think before you spit them out! Be a positive-thinker. good luck!

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