Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Today..born a precious love.


Dah lama tak bukak blog. Sejak sejak terkantoi pasal aku ada blog, dan dan rasa slow nak menaip. Orang kata 'feel' tu dah hilang. Tapi disebabkan hari ini hari yang cukup bermakna dalam hidup aku, makanya aku berbloging semula. memories fade u know?so i need to blog. bekalan hari tua. seriously.

Dear my children,
Today is 18 June 2014. 52 years ago, my first love was born with her twin . She is your grandma. Let me tell you how great your grandma is and i hope she can inspire her grandchildren as well. As i told you, i lost your grandpa in 14th of Feb 2000. Yes, it was on Valentine's Day. But as a muslim, we will never celebrate this day because everyday is our Valentine's Day. Remember that,babies :)

So, beginning from that historical date, your grandma was the one who took care of us. Your mama, your uncles and your aunties. 6 of us with her, alone. Dear children, to make you out of your curiosity, i will tell you. Your mama did not come from a wealthy family. But Alhamdulillah, everything was just enough for us. Why? because of your grandma. From an ordinary English teacher, she works hard to get a higher position by years. She was transferred to some different schools, far from our home just to fulfill her dreams in education industry. It was quite hard for your mama actually to see her being such a workaholic. But then, i couldn't stop her. Because she needs to. Finally, your grandma upgraded her position from an ordinary teacher to a Penolong Kanan Ko to a Penolong Kanan HEM to a Penolong Kanan 1 and now she is studying again to be a headmaster of school. 

For about 12 years, your grandma put all her efforts to raise us her children. And since the day grandpa left us, she never show us her hard tears being a parents to us. We went back to the grandpa's hometown in Negeri Sembilan which takes 5 hours of journey and she drove the car alone before Pak Long got his driving license. How Superhero she was! :)

In 2102, grandma was proposed by grandpa (Atok) and i have a complete family again, i got a chance to feel a love from a father and of course u got a chance to call the word  "Atok" soon. Thanks to him.

Kids, I am an observer. After all the cycles of your grandma's life, i made a decision. So, after i finish my secondary school, i left home to further my study as a trainee teacher. I was truly inspire by her to be a teacher. And now, alhamdulillah i am in my final year of study in Jitra. InsyaAllah i will be graduated soon!And all my doings are for your grandma and our family. Can't wait! :)

Dear my beautiful super great ibu,
I wish you a Happy Birthday and many happy returns! No one can replace you and your love in my heart. I will love you forever and please forgive all my wrongdoings before. May Allah bless you in every secs of your breaths.  There are so much to be thankful for actually and i know i can never repay it to you. I LOVE YOU!

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