Saturday, November 15, 2014

Friendship. #part VII

Assalamualaikum wbt..

hye girlfriends!after a long time i didn't post any about us.
ohmyyy seriously how busy we are.

and today and now, another 6 days left for us to have our precious time in IPDA. i dont know, maybe i wont miss all of you.okay girlfriends, i'm lying. i'm gonna miss you all later.kenapa selangor dengan kedah jauh sangatttttttttttttttt!!!wuwuwuuwuwuuuuuu T_T

So, for now im going to post as much as possible any pictures of us together so that i wont get confused in the future. yelah kan, nanti yang kurus jadi gemok, yang gemok jadi kurus. Ooops!hahahha..

Seriously, siapa tak nangis woiii!!our bond is just so great!i cant describe it how precious you are to me.thanks Allah, u bring them into my life.v u all.hikkks!muahh ciked!haaa =P

*thanks adik2 IPDA yg berjaya siapkan 3D ART CORNER ni sebelum we olls habis belajar. ada la jugak port cantik nak cipta memory.hikssss!

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